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Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman (image via amzon.com)

By Piper Kerman
Started: August 31
Finished: September 3

Guys, I broke my #1 rule: I watched all of the Netflix exclusive Orange is the New Black before reading the memoir on which the series is based. My friend Heather pretty much bullied me into watching the series, and I was immediately¬†hooked. It was great. Fantastic. Amazing. Jenji Kohan‘s brilliance strikes again. I loved it so much, I made my boyfriend watch the entire series over Memorial Day weekend. And yet, I still wanted more, so¬† when I stumbled across this book in The Strand I couldn’t resist.

So where to start? Listen, if you thought Piper Chapman was annoying, self-absorbed, and entitled in the series….wait until you read the thoughts of Piper Kerman. She’s worse than her TV alter ego by a landslide. And the book is so, so different. Pennsyatucky is not crazy, she’s nice! Awesome characters like Tastyee, Poussay, Nicki, and Sophia don’t really exist. Even the person Sophia is based upon is just not as awesome and confident as TV Sophia. The book is really a completely different experience that gives an honest look at life inside a women’s prison and the penal system in general. The biggest problem I had was Kerman’s narrative voice: it just made me want to stick a shiv in her to get her to shut up (not really but, kinda)!


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